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Types of financial books I recommend
The Wisdoms For The Journey Of Life
Types of financial books I recommend
It's interesting that I've decided to read non-fiction after fiction books (which are good as entertainment) and compare where I want to read in my future lifestyle in 5 or 10 and even more than 5 and 10 years from now after 2020 or 2022. High school sucks in my personal opinion, and I've dropped out of college because I thought I didn't need it at the time especially now by the time this is uploaded about some "forgiveness idea" on Student Loans Debt (if you are watching politics, you know what I'm talking about and remember). Anyway. .....Here is a little backstory in this video description, *sigh*...I used to never be truly interested in books or books where that were educational from childhood and early to somewhere late teenage years until I decided to read books that are non-fiction books that are way more effective in skills and required to use in the real world and the importance of proper financial literacy from the right books and the right YouTube channels. And I also enjoy the books and YouTube videos more than in high school financial class. Sad and pathetic, I remember what is the difference between black Friday and red Friday, watching this documentaries name 30 for 30 about sports athletes making bad financial choices while giving a reason why claiming "Don't be like these guys!". In reality, if you have good financial planning, and skills, and are very responsible in general I and everyone else who educates themselves will be fine. So hopefully you enjoy this video and find this video valuable and educational. If you did please like, comment, share, subscribe, and click on the notification bell to all. Thank You For Watching. My First Video: Signs of limiting beliefs: Dumb purchases I've made: Things to know about YouTube before starting: How to tell that your good with money: Why I don't do relationship advice videos: #success #books #thewisdomsforthejourneyoflife
The Number 1 Reasons Why You Should Read Non-fiction Books